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A place to keep all your junk. I mean, stuff.

Introducing my newest business, The Shed Store.

If you've driven on 220 recently near Martinsville Speedway, you may have noticed a new shed dealership popping up. It's the old Oakwood Homes Lot which is across the road from the Virginia State Police Station. There's buildings everywhere, trees are getting trimmed back, the yard is starting to get cleaned up, and someone is clearly trying to disrupt the storage shed business in Henry County.

It's me. I'm the shed disrupter.

I've had an interest in this industry for many years, but I started seriously thinking about it this past Summer when we did a couple tent sales for The Mower Store. Speaking of which, it'd be easy to get the new logo for The Shed Store confused with my other business, The Mower Store. This was very strategic as I'm intentionally tying them together. Need a mower? Go to The Mower Store. Need a shed for your new mower? Come see us at The Shed Store!

We're working on a grand opening date, but I'd say we're already sort of open! We're selling sheds every week. These things are high-quality and built to last.

Check out our inventory online by clicking here, like our Facebook page, or call us at 276-254-4960.

Build custom or buy off the lot!

We're selling Heritage Buildings which are built not far from us in North Carolina. There's an easy-to-use designer on our website where you can build your own shed and they'll deliver directly to your home or business. Check it out!

Comment below and tell us what else should we add to this location!?

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