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Introducing Our New General Manager!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Our incoming General Manager at The Mower Store, John Thomas Myers, holding a Husqvarna 3120XP one of our forestry customers special ordered.

It's such a pleasure to introduce our new General Manager for The Mower Store! John Thomas Myers is a lifelong resident of Martinsville and is super excited to join and lead the team at TMS! John Thomas was in the food industry for over 7 years, but he jumped on the opportunity to forego the late night shifts and get into a more "normal" routine.

Can we clean up the hill out front?!

Yes, yes we can! During one of his first days of training, John Thomas asked me if we could clean up the hill in front of our building to make it look more inviting. It had gotten a little overgrown and messy so I agreed it needed to be done! John Thomas met me at the store early one day and helped me trim the hill. This is leading by example. I've always been the type who doesn't like to ask someone to do something I won't do. Trimming this hillside is so symbolic of the work that's ahead for us. We have all the major pieces in place to build a powerful, profitable company, but we have to make sure the small things are done first.

Next time you pull up to our business at 134 Koehler Rd, please notice that pesky hill out by the road! It's laced with poison oak, rip rap, and trash and if you'd like to help us keep it trimmed, we're accepting volunteers! :D

A little about John Thomas:

  • What's your favorite food?

Filet Mignon

  • Where is your favorite place to visit?


  • Who is one of your role models and why?

"Tom Vestal, my uncle. He's just an outstanding person who taught me a lot of things. He's always taken good care of my mom, his sister. He's an incredible cook. He's always taken great care of his family and has taught me the same."

  • Tell me about your experience with power equipment? What drew you into this opportunity?

"I grew up working on a farm. I've always been drawn to the outdoors and I felt like this was a great opportunity to submerge myself in a job where I can spend more time outside and help others do the same."


Next time you need a mower, blower, trimmer, or saw, come visit us at 134 Koehler Rd. Martinsville, VA! You can also call us at 276-666-2727 or check out our mower inventory at

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