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Why did we open a smoothie shop inside Ridgeway Farm Market?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Why would we NOT!?

I bought Ridgeway Farm Market in October of 2021. As we finished out the Fall season and headed into Winter, we had a pretty tough decision to make. The past many years the business had closed January and February, but we really didn't want to break the shopping habits of our customers! The decision was made to keep it open those two months in 2022 and we're glad we did! The crew had worked so hard throughout the year to build up a customer base and it just didn't make sense to shut it down. Winter was slow as expected, but we still maintained a lot of our regular customers.

Of course our selection of fresh local fruits and vegetables dies down in the Winter, but RFM is a great place to also buy eggs, cured pork products, beans, jarred goods, local honey, vegetables, and even Christmas and birthday gifts! We have a nice variety of old timey candy and glass bottle sodas that you can't get in the supermarkets. We have these neat little 3-packs of jarred goods that make great Christmas presents for parents or work associates. The best part is you get to pick your three jars.

Fast forward to the Spring and Summer of 2022... With some new competition in town selling plants over by the Speedway and also every retail establishment in town trying to sell seasonal flowers, we felt like we needed to pivot slightly and add a product that would bring new customers in our doors. It's crazy that you can get live plants at so many places, but we wanted something all these places don't offer...

Our customer service is impeccable and our products are incredible. We knew if we could get people to come in and check things out, they would most definitely be back! We brainstormed a lot of ideas, but in the end, the smoothie stand won the prize.

In order to make it sustainable long-term, we estimate we need to average about 40 smoothies each day. We're just one month in and we're over 1/4 of the way there!

Flavors and Ingredients

Our smoothies are made with the purest and most local products we can get. We use real bananas, local honey, real peanut butter, and lots of love! Our flavors will change some with the seasons. Like right now, we have a pumpkin spice smoothie that will knock your socks off. Next Summer I'm looking forward to the fresh, local strawberry smoothie.

My favorite is and always will be the OG - the Peanut Butter Banana. Come in today and try one today! Peanut butter, banana, vanilla flavored protein, almond milk, flax meal, and chia seeds. It's a full meal and it will always be on the menu!

What flavors of smoothies should we roll out this winter!?

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